Platters & Plaques For Sale


Although an ancient art form pyrography lends itself very well to contemporary decoration. 

Below you will see pyrography on a selection of platters some of which can be used as wall hangings.


Please click on any of the images to see a larger version.

CELESTIAL HARE PLATTER Turned by Crowman Crafts Pyrography by Wyldewood. £40 + Shipping
Celestial Hare Platter (detail). Made from Oak Burl
Celestial Hare Platter (8cm high x 29cm diameter)

Birds of a Feather


The pine platters below have been decorated using pyrography and acrylic paints & inks.

They are 18cm in diameter and 3cm depth.  There is a D ring attached to the reverse of the platter so it may be hung on the wall, this can be easily removed if you wish to use it as a decorative platter. 

 The above does not apply to the Egret Platter which has been turned to a slimmer design so cannot be hung on the wall.

Cockadoodle 18cm Diameter x 3cm depth (sold)
Cockadoodle side views to continuation of design on both sides.
Spring Crane £15 + Shipping
Spring Crane - side views
Flight £15 + Shipping
Flight - side views
Wonderland £12 + Shipping
Wonderland - side views
Midnight Owl (sold)
Midnight Owl - side views
EGRET PLATTER 16cm diameter (sold)
Egret Platter (detail)
Egret Platter (detail). This design is NOT for hanging on the wall.


If you would like to purchase any items on this page or have any questions about them please email me via the Contact Page

~Please Note~

All Plates & Plaques on this page are decorative items.  

Please do not use for serving food.


(Wyldewood Gallery)