About Wyldewood & Pyrography


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Wyldwood Pyrography.  

Pyrography is the ancient art of burning designs into wood or any other material that will hold a scorch mark. Pyrography dates back to the seventeenth century and in it's crude form was known as pokerwork.  

The tools used these days to produce the work are a solid point burner similar to a soldering iron or a wire-nib burner which is my tool of choice because you are able to vary the temperature which allows for more control while burning.

Each item I produce is individual and no two will ever be the same.

Why Wyldewood?  

I chose the name because wood is my favourite medium for doing Pyrography on although there are other materials that are sometimes easier to work on.  I like the wood to be as natural as possible although I do work on turned items such as pens, platters, bowls and mannequins.

Anyway Wyldewood was chosen because the ancient woodlands would have been wild untamed places hiding all sorts of interesting magic and I hope to capture some of that in my work.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my work and if you would like to purchase an item or contact me for any reason please do so via the About & Contact Page.


(Forest Folk Pyrography)